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onasWe are a professional, fast-growing company with many years of experience in international and domestic transport.




zasiegWe specialize in transport on routes to Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Spain and Ukraine

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Transportation is a significant part of the cost of the company . Sometimes you only need a precise calculation of these costs to the company of interest to modern logistics solutions.
Hiring a specialized provider of logistics tasks can improve the company's market position by:

Improved performance:

  • interchangeability of the cost - to deal with the logistics of the same company results in fixed costs (e.g. maintaining a fleet of vehicles ) and their sum does not depend on the profit obtained, which is the opposite situation, when a company uses the services of third-party logistics, which enables cost synergies.
  • reducing investment in logistics base - (magazines, the base for transport and workers) allows greater efficiency and flexibility of the company.

Higher quality:

  • higher quality services market and time-saving - faster delivery, more flexible response to customer needs, professional management of goods, detailed administration.
  • modern logistics solutions - in line with market trends, obtained through the know - how logistics operator.
  • the ability to focus on the main sphere of action - force the company focused on production and sales.

We can offer you a partial or complete delivery service to customers offered by your products in the Polish and Europe. Cooperation may be a one-time, temporary or permanent - it all depends on Your needs.

If there is something you can not do better, cheaper and better than our competitors, there is no point in doing it; should employ to perform the work of someone who does it better - Henry Ford

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